I found out what HOPE is.

Last Saturday was amazing. I went out to Santa Rosa, a very new community at the edge of Lima Peru. I have been there many times, but this time we went to find this boy that wants to tell the world his story of life change. His story you will have to wait for, but for now I will tell you of what I learned.

We had the chance to talk to many people, the pastor, his wife, some moms, grandmas and kids. The stories were always very similar. The story always started with: before I was timid, before they were timid, before my son was timid, before the entire family was timid...etc. The word timid is a direct translation of the word they were using. Timid? I thought- why does it matter that someone was timid! Then it began to dawn on me. Timid is what you see in the eyes of someone down on their luck, lost, without any future or desire to continue or HOPE.

HOPE is what these people have HOPE for a life with joy and love. Love from Christ and His people. Community in a local Church and community with fellow believers. Hope with a future. Not only a future beyond death, but a future now. Hope is my word for the week and I don't think I have ever experienced in my life how Hope can change a life. They are poor, working hard to have food for today and electricity. Working hard to advance their life. Most missing a true physical father in their life. Most living in a one bedroom dirt floor wood house, with no possibility of getting out of where they are at. That is not the Hope they are looking for. They are looking for the Hope in Christ.

This little Girl is the same age as Michaela. She is full of Hope. She was in my arms the second i arrived and did not want to leave my side. I have heard she has asked numerous times, when will I return. Her mom was at church because her other daughter (5 years old) insisted that they go. They were dressed in their best clothes having just bathed. Church for them is a place of Hope and special place of love.

These girls and I became attached in just a few minutes. They where full of smiles and joy. It is as if they lived for the moment to be together in the children's meeting where they could learn of the love Christ has for them and experience it through the community in the meeting.


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Thanks for sharing!

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