Rough week to be 16 months

It has been a rough week to be 16 months old, and if I could talk this is what I would say:

Well first things first, on my 16 month birthday I am very content crawling. I walk a lot holding two or just one hand of my mom, dad and friends, but when they put their hands under my shoulders to help me I don't buy it - I know they are going to try to make me do it on my own. My favorite thing to do is climb stairs. I like to do it alone on my hands and knees. You would think that this is where my first problem happened this week, but no.

The family was bustling around in the kitchen, I was enjoying an apple, sitting on a chair when my sister came by and wanted me to come and play, so she took my hands and pulled. Well before I could catch myself I was diving into the tile floor headfirst from the chair.... I cried. Mom picked me up and cared for me, but not until 5 minutes later when dad (after dealing with my sister - she was crying) came to see where I hit my head did they notice the bump... a large golf ball on my forehead. Mom and Dad began to scramble to find my friends mom's number - she is a pediatrician. They couldn't reach her and decided to just drop by her house. We jumped in a taxi for the short trip and arrived at my friend Constantino's house; (he is 7 months old and we crawl all over the place together). Well after a few minutes of lights in my eyes and them watching me play they sent me home and said I would be fine. They said I was lucky, no passing out or vomiting. Since then the bump has gone down and turned into a funny-colored bruise.

A fun stage of development for me is that I am beginning to communicate. People say that because I spend most of my time in two languages my speech will develop slower; I seem to like to listen more than talk. But these last couple weeks I spent a lot of time with my family and I am pointing more and making noises like questions instead of crying for things.

Well now comes the next big one this week... Just to make everything clear... I am fine, no problems and I have been seen and talked about by many Doctors who are giving my mom and dad great advice... back to the story... Since I don't walk alone yet, lots of people like to help me when I ask, especially my parents and teachers at "school". On Monday I went back to school for the first time in a couple weeks; it was great to see my teachers and some of my friends. I had a good day being held, "cruising" from table to table and playing with kids. Snack is always a highlight... well the next thing I know I am in pain and don't know why. I sat in the arms of my teacher for the rest of the time until Mom and Dad came to get me. When they arrived I just cried. It was strange, because I never feel this way and Mom and Dad were shocked with wonder. My teacher said my stomach was upset because of gas... Well when we got home my mom and dad noticed my arm wasn't moving. Dad threw a ball to me and though I played with one arm, I sure refused move the other - it hurt! I didn't want to eat so mom and dad let me take my nap. After my nap I still didn't want to move my arm. Mom and Dad took me to Constantino's house again and his mom and dad knew exactly what was wrong. I had dislocated my elbow. Constantino's mom came over, moved my arm... I cried... and then after a few minutes of them working hard to get me to use it on my own (I wasn't going to because I thought it would hurt to move) all of a sudden I moved it and it didn't hurt anymore!.. all was back to normal. Amazing... I like doctors! - except when they come at me with those sharp pointing things.

Well that is how I spent the first week of my life as a 16 month old. My auntie is looking into how my mom and dad could help me strengthen my muscles to help me to walk, but I think: I will walk when I want! :) thanks for praying for me. God is here, and He's keeping me safe.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Last night we had the best New Year's Eve in years, mainly because we stayed up (a big deal for parents of babies!) and played with lots of kids and their parents. Eliana lit her first sparkler at midnight! We have to say, fireworks must be the best part of Peruvian holidays - in your front yard, like it was years ago in the States.

Peruvian New Years traditions include fireworks, wearing yellow for good luck, burning old things as a sign of starting over, and playing a lot of good-luck games, wishing for fortune and a better life.

Personally our wishes for the New Year are not for a better life, but more appreciation of the life we have. Our resolutions are not resolutions to do more, be better and fix things, but to do less, enjoy more, and rest in the mighty hands of God.