Fiestas Patrias

July 28 is Perú's independence day. It is a BIG deal with flags and banners everywhere, big sales at the stores and two days of vacation!

Josiah and Mica had a photo shoot at school. They brought in traditional clothing and dressed them up. I love them and wanted to share.

Josiah with Tali, our neighbor and at times his best friend!

Homemade Donuts

July Prayer Letter

Greetings from gloomy Lima, Peru. Yes the gloom has arrived, what in the past has been a 7-9 month period of no sun and no rain has given us a few surprises already this winter. We have seen more rain then ever before (not too much) and the sun has graciously shown its face a few times too. We’d like to share with you some things to pray about; if you would like to receive this in email form only, just let us know at

One of this month’s most significant highlights is the Emerging Leaders Program. Two young ladies (20 and 23 years old) have been living with us for 3 weeks now and will finish their time in Perú on the 29th of July. It has been a blessing to take them through Bible studies, book studies and new experiences in cross-cultural ministry. They will depart just before Heather gives birth to our final addition to the Chapman family - a little baby boy (Due August 9).

With the arrival of our new baby boy we also have an influx of exciting visitors, Nonnie (Heather’s mom) July 27-Aug 25, Grandpa (Heather’s Dad) Aug 2-15, and Auntie Jen (Heather’s sister) Aug 18-31. Wow, that is going to be a full, fun house! Plus Daniel Watts and Rick Fortier for the Conference in Peru! We are very excited to have the visitors.

Ministry wise we are moving forward with the ministry in Argentina, praying about a key leader there who will do all the footwork for founding EGM-Argentina. John has been able to work with a number of contacts during his trip to Argentina the first week in June, and in September he will return for the training of this key leader.

The ministry in Peru is keeping us all busy as well. EGM-Peru does not have a fulltime director and they are waiting to see how their major fundraiser will turn out August 4,5 and 6. Please pray as we have finished the distribution of 12,000 flyers and 1500 posters to churches all over Lima. We are praying that 1,000 children’s workers will come to the three day conference and learn about EGM, be encouraged in ministry and finally be excited to learn how they can receive support in the future.

Chile is an amazing place with hundreds of children’s workers being trained and supported over the last quarter. John will participate via Skype at the Board meeting on July 30 and return to Chile in September to help with a new Board training.

God continues to provide for our finances, however our travel and ministry plans are all tentative, pending the arrival of the funds we need to advance the ministry work.

We are all dependent on our Heavenly Father for His provision and we are humbled as His people continue to respond to the need. We are still short of our monthly giving need, please continue to keep this in your prayers.

As this comes to a close, we ask for prayer for the birth of our precious baby boy. That his brother, sisters, mother and father will all be prepared to receive this special gift from God.

Serving His Children,

John and Heather Chapman

Now we see change

Peruvian children at a camp last February.
The story below is not related to the above photo, except that they are all children in Perú.

David* was a troubled little boy. At only nine years old his mother would say of him, “He’s hopeless! He never obeys. I can’t control him.” She had resigned herself and so had he. Most days he left for school in the morning and never got there, wandering the streets aimlessly during school hours, “making trouble.”

The EGM-trained children’s ministry leaders from the church in his village started noticing him around on the streets. They would stop to talk to him, take an interest in his life and question why he was not in school. David began coming to the church’s children’s ministry programs. While there the leaders would hug him, show him affection and tell him that he was a GOOD boy and that he was truly wonderful. To this he would look up into their eyes and ask outloud, “Really? Are you telling me the truth?”

After a while it came to the church’s attention that one of the reasons David never wanted to be at home was because of the severe physical abuse he received from his father. At home it was a downward spiral of shame, abuse and increased disobedience. But at church, he heard about and experienced a love that saw through all of that. David heard for possibly the first time that someone loved him no matter what mistakes he had made.

His children’s ministry leader says, “Ahora vemos cambios.Now we see change. Is it really that simple? Is it possible that to see Christ transform a child’s life, it only has to begin with a hug and a smile?

(*we always change children’s names out of respect for their privacy.)

Another calling realized

At the age of 20, I (John) experienced one of the most significant experiences in my life, an experience that would shape me forever. 5 weeks in Poland, studying, ministering and serving. Since that day I have felt the call to repeat the program for other young leaders. This week that has begun.

The Emerging Leaders Program has begun!
Two young ladies arrived at our house last Monday, June 27. Jill and Joy. Sunday night I told Heather, "I am not sure who is more excited, these girls who are visiting Peru for a month or me!". It has been an incredible time. We have started a bunch of different aspects of the program, starting to read a number of different books, studying different themes in the Bible, looking at leaders in the Bible, having a reflection/journal/prayer time each day and have grown closer as a community. Finally they are on their first adventure this weekend. Visiting a pueblo joven (young town) in the north of Lima. They are sleeping with dirt floors with no showers, seeing a ministry led by incredible Peruvians to minister to a very poor and forgotten group of people. We can't wait for them to get back tonight to tell us all about it and start another week of studying and reflection.

Joy in the patio for her hour every morning.

Jill at the park for her hour every morning.

Pray for them and us as we grow in the knowledge and wisdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!