US Trip Summary

Wow. We returned for our US trip one month ago. It has been a full time getting settled back in Lima and hosting visitors.
Our trip started with a 24 hour delay in Miami. Not an easy time with three little ones and no assistance from the American Airlines staff to help with the little things.
The kids are troopers and made it through.

We had some incredible times here are just a couple highlights (No one gets feelings hurt for not being included! :) )

with family (John's eldest niece Sophie)

First Baseball Game!

Time with Papa (John's Dad)

Time at the Beach with friends
Sleep overs with cousins
Annual family photo with the Chapman family!
Time with Mimi and cousins!
Time at Grandpa's Office (Heather's Dad)

Zoo with all the cousins!... okay petting zoo in San Jaun, but still a zoo!Petting Peruvian Cusine!

Camping with Uncle Mark (John's brother)

Visiting the Truck in Storage. (John's Truck)
Using Car seats? Yes, they made us use these in the US.
Visiting Churches and knocking Pastor Todd in the privates right before his sermon. (sorry Todd)

Fourth of July waiting for fire works.
Getting Earrings!!!
Getting a new Niece- Linnaea Sather - with Aunt Jen (Heather's Sister)
Licking some great friends
Being able to celebrate a 30th birthday with great friends.
Hanging with cousins
Michaela met Aunt Nancy - John's Sister
Eliana's first VBS - with Daddy's friend, Dean-o!!!!
Time with Mimi - John's mom
Mica met Grandpa!!!! Heather's Dad

Time with Nonnie - Heather's mom
Celebrating Uncle Mark's and Aunt Anne's 10th anniversary with them.
Meeting Elijah Hunt - John's great friend
Time with great friends
Family nights in the backyard
First Smores!!!!
Time with Family
More time with family
Time with friends- Also known in our house as the Tickle Guy
Time swimming with friends
New Cousins being together
Time with Uncle Mark- john's brother
Chapman/Kunkel Reunion... first day of the trip!
Time with Nonnie and Grandpa, and Trey and Dax

Me and Dax... He does like me.
The photos could go on... We had an amazing trip. Full of time with supporters and family. Thank you all who had the time to be with us, if you didn't see us this year, there is always next! Or you could come visit!

Nancy and Kathleen left Peru but their impact continues

It was an amazing trip to have Nancy and Kathleen here. They were here for a short five days, but made an amazing impact. It was a three evening conference with over 500 Sunday school teachers and pastors who came out. It was the first conference of its kind that focused on Worship and Prayer for children. Saturday was a children's Praise and Worship event that filled the 2000 capacity church.

Nancy taught two workshops each evening and then spent the final hour with a group of 25 children who lead the children in three worship songs on Saturday.

Kathleen captured the hearts of the entire conference and teaching 4 workshops and 2 Main sessions. Her heart and passion came through as she challenged the Sunday School teachers to rethink the meaning of worship.

Irma Chon also came from the US to teach at workshops and one main session on children in Prayer. Her passion for prayer challenged to teachers to understand that the prayer of a child in just as powerful as a prayer of an adult. Challenging Peru to start a prayer movement.

Heather and John were also able to share about the ministry and recieved many interested people. We look forward to the followup to see the doors that have opened as we move forward here in Peru. The response is always that same, the people are excited to see how EGM will train and develop Sunday School teachers in their region.

Finally we are blessed for the prayers that surrounded Nancy, Kathleen and Irma as they traveled and taught. We are blessed for God's provision in protection, health and comfort for the conference and surrounding events.

Peruvian Committee photoed with the speakers of the conference.

Lima Conference with Kathleen and Nancy