Eliana Reading


Meet Max. He is the newest member of our family! He is a 6 month old lab that we were given! He belonged to a missionary family from the US who had young kids, so he understands english comands and is GREAT with kids. Josiah likes to play with him, Josiah is trying to tell him what to do and Max is trying to get Josiah to play like an adult.
He is just a really big Kid. He is only 7 months, but already is 66 pounds!
We can walk and play at the park (park rules with leashes don't exist).
We have always wanted to have a dog and now we do.
He is very laid back and gently, never barks and loves to cuddle.

Sorry. but this is my favorite Halloween Costume

Check what are nephews dressed up as for Halloween in California!
Thanks for the Peru Support Sather family!