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Eleven MonthsTwelve Months on December 17, 2009!

Class Pictures 2009

Josiah attended school three days a week for most of the year in the two year old class. These last few weeks he was attending every day in the two year old class. Next year (starting in March, after the summer) he will be going full time in the three year old class (8:30am-1pm).

Eliana is in finishing the Four year old class. She has had the same teacher for two years and will change for the 5 year old class (8:30-1:30). The five year old class is her last class at the local Pre-school. Registration starts for her First Grade class in the schools before she even starts her five year old class. We have actually begun the process of looking at schools.

New Christmas photo for 2009!

we LOVE Christmas Cards

Did we mention we LOVE getting Christmas cards?
We got our first last week and love it. Thanks Amanda!
We put them up and keep them up year round in our office.
If you are sending them out, we would love the love!

The Chapman Familia
Jr. Mercurio 540 MzH Lt6
Urb. Los Cipreses
Cercado de Lima, Lima 01

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Board Event Last Weekend

Thanks to all of you who prayed for last weekend. I am excited to pass along some photos and share a little of what happened. The desire for the two days was to take this group of people down a path of thinking and applying the Bible in ministry that EGM has done over the last 15 years. It was a challenge in front of us, but we truely believe that God worked through us and His word to bring this group one step closer to the mission that he would have to ministry to his children in Peru.
Here are some photos. We cleared out the coach, borrowed extra table and chairs, and removed the wall hangings. Basically tore apart our house to make it a kind of conference room.

One of my favorite moments is when we were teaching a Bible study and had the Board members stand up and put all their clothes, shoes, watches, rings on backwords. Then standing in the living room, i said now we are going to walk down the street. They all gasped. We walked backwards down the sidewalk, they were very imbarrased (that was the point).

Next we took a list of cards and put them in a Pyramid, what is the most honored in our world that we live in and what is the most undervalued. Children were placed at the bottom with many other things, widows, poor, uneducated, etc.

Next we turned the Pyramid upsidedown. Explaining how Jesus Christ the most honorable lowered himself to be the least honorable in our world, making the least honorable in the world to be the most honored in the Kingdom of God. It was amazing to see there minds work, the point was to show our model of teaching - with an experiencial activity, creative way of presenting the Bible, a real discussion and finally a response that the Word of God demands. Really it was impactful and amazing, even for us.

We wanted the walls to be colorful, so at one point we took stories form the old and new testament that demonstrated this idea of the Upsidedown Kingdom and posted them on the wall.

Another important point for the two days was to help the Board to understand the idea of coming along as a support with the teachers and helping them in the entire process of their development as teachers. This was grasped more strongly then any other Board i have experienced. They really want to come along side the teachers and not only supply them with information. It is a philosophy that the education world uses that can be seen in the life of Jesus. It was amazing the the leaders grasped the vision and started talking about how to implement it.

Another hot topic. Is helping people understand that we are trying to disciple children and not educate them the way the school does. It was another beautiful process as we saw Board members challenged by the idea that we need to help transform the lives of the children through discipleship and not through education.

Here is the group. Two of the Board members were unable to make it. We are praying that we can share the information with them and that they are able to be more committed in the future.

Though not all the families could attend, we invited them to dinner on the Friday night. We went to a Rotisserie chicken place and were joined by three members and their families. Michaela was a big hit, as she was cared for by everyone but us!

You have to have the picture of the Inca Kola- bubblegum tasting stuff that every Peruvian loves!
Thanks again to all those who prayed with us. Next are individual meetings in January with each Board member and on to a final group orientation at the end of February before the ministry officially starts.

Lion at the zoo

Lion at the Peruvian zoo. Fun for the visitors, sad life for the lion.

Michaela crawling

Hair, exercising, and dancing

Josiah singing Honey Honey

October Ministry

Few pictures were taken this month, but we had a lot of activity. We invited 13 individuals to the come together to form a Board of Directors to form a new ministry here in Peru. After today (Nov 2) we have completed 3 "Day 1" orientation meetings.

John had a trip to Ayacucho that didn't go as we had hoped, but did move the ministry forward.

Our heart continues to be burdened for the churches of Peru with thier ministry to children. We are blessed to be charged with this burden.
John also got a fun invite.This past Sunday was the 20th aniversary of our church. Our church has one of the most developed children's ministries in Peru. It had a 3 hour party with 300+ children. John shared a 15 minute lesson in Spanish about King Josiah. There is lots of room for improvement in his Spanish, but it was fun and a great experience.

Family October...

Michaela is growing - completing 10 months!

Our Best Peruvian Friend - had a birthday, it was a surprise party!

A little slobber is shown on the shirt, teeth are on there way!

Mom and Dad snuck out for a date to the ONLY Mexican restaurant in Lima. Dad would eat there every day, but it isn't quite a california mexican food.

Peru had a holiday and we spent it with some Peruvian friends that we don't see very often. They were at our school, but then moved to another part of the city.

Eliana, Anita, Josiah and Gustavo (not really wanting to be in the photo)

Family pic -1, went to the zoo and the baby wanted to sleep at home.

Josiah got a summer haircut!

We are sad to have the hair gone, but it is a lot cooler for him. This is his "take me out to the ballgame" jacket. Papa he needs the size 4t of this same jacket. This one is almost too small!
Max is great with Mica (Michaela) - he lets her explore, pull and pet him.

Michaela started to want to walk this month. Still doesn't walk, but loves to be held standing.

Miguel the neighbor turned 1. They, as well, are short family in the city of Lima, so Heather made a cake and we had a little party.

Eliana decided it was time for her bike, so she stopped sucking her fingers while sleeping!

Eliana has a couple friends in the park. We see them a lot in the afternoon, we think their mom thinks its better that they are in the park when she running an errand then in the house alone... can that be right?

Dad with a couple of the youngins

Josiah got a bike too (photoed on his sisters bike) it is the same but black. He stopped using a pacifier on the same night Eliana stopped sucking her fingers.

Final days of the warm hat.

The dog and his ball. When holding his ball, you are his master. Two other families around our park have gotten a yellow lab in the last year. Ones name is Rocky and the other is Stone (pronounce Estone).

Salome came to visit. She was not alone! Her and her familiy live in the mountains of Peru. They are German missionary doctors who were at our language school with us. Salome is one month older than Michaela.
Constantine is a few month younger than Josiah.

The six kids and their parents crammed into our house for a few days and they passed through town. We visited the zoo, the water fountain park and spent much time talking and encouraging each other. We only wish we lived a little closer and got to see them more then one time a year.