Trip to Amazonas!

October 2-9 we are going to be traveling to Amazonas. Amazonas is actually not in the Amazon rainforest or on the Amazon river. It is a Department (kind of state) here in Peru. We have been invited by some friends (Tito's Family) to present our ministry to Christian leaders in their area and possibly do a training with local Sunday School Teachers, in order to present a more visual example of who we are as a ministry.
We are really excited! To see a detailed list of events visit the previous blog and download the Calendar. Below is a Map to give you a better idea of our travels.

Upcoming Month Schedule

We have had a very productive month. Getting stuff translated, designed and printing materials. We have been making initial contacts with people we know and can't wait to meet more. October is going to be a busy month of traveling. Below is a calendar that you can print and hang it up somewhere that will help you know where we are and what we are likely doing, so you can better pray.

Us being here would not be possible without you.

Kids Visas

We are back safe and we have stamps in the kids passports! Now we are waiting to get the call to go to the immigration office, to get the kids' pictures taken and then we will have their resident cards. Exciting stuff!!
Thanks to all for praying!

Quick Trip

We are on our last (hopefully) trip for our Visas. The kids' Visas are ready in Chile and we leave tonight to go pick them up and get back Tuesday night. It is getting pretty normal for us to haul the kids in a plane, airport, and taxis, but we need the safety that only God can provide. Pray for us! Sept 13- 15!

Recent Newsletter

Here is our most recent Newsletter, that we put in the mail. Thought we would post it to let you see it in color! Let us know if you didn't get one and you want one.

Josiah's B-day

Here is a video of Josiahs Birthday last week. The first is a gerneral 2 minute video. The Second and third are for the Grandparents and aunts and uncles and whoever else wants to watch a 2 year old open presents for 6 minutes!

Video 2 - 3:34

Video 3 - 2:52