It's a Girl!

We are so excited - especially Eliana. Ellie had been certain from the beginning that the baby was a sister (because she already has a brother) and is already determined that the baby's name will be Dora (Dora, Dora the Explorer, of course). We told her we're not sure yet what we're going to call the baby, but she can call her Dora if she wants :)

Praise Him

Anyone who has prayed for our friend Tito will be blessed by this video of Tito, recovering from surgery, playing the guitar and singing with his family the following:

The only reason to live is you, my Lord
The only Truth is in me - you are my light and my salvation
My only love is you Lord and forever I will praise you.

You are all-powerful, you are great and majestic
You are strong, invincible, and there is no one like you.

Below is another video of Tito's family playing Peruvian music.

Heather's parents VISIT!

I can't express how fun it is to have visitors, especially family. Back in November when we had our first family visit us in Arequipa Peru, it made it all feel more real. And yet again, a visit from family has made it feel more real that we actually live here!

Tito is home

We just heard today that Tito is home. He still needs prayer for continued recovery, but he is home. Praise the Lord with us as an amazing young Peruvian youth has come through surgery and on his way to recovery. Thank you all for praying with us.

Tito is through the Surgery

The surgery is over. The information that we have received from the Doctors is minimal. On friday he was in intensive care and his parents were told nothing. They got to see him for five minutes, where he opened his eyes and recognized his mom. Saturday he could not talk because of his swollen mouth, but he is recognizing people and has been in and out of consciousness.

Praise the Lord he is through it. We are not sure when we will get a complete update. But continue to pray for is recovery. AND rejoice with us and God has brought him through this far. Has guided the doctors and appears to have him on his way to recovery.

Exam was today, Test is FRIDAY

Titos exam was today and the test WILL be tomorrow!
Please pray!

Why was it previously postponed-
Nurse strike on Monday, Entire nation strike on Wednesday. Therefor Nurses and doctors were not available.

Tito Update

We just found out that the exam and surgery was postponed to Thursday and Friday.
Tito is still sitting in his hospital bed, so they don't give it to someone else. We will keep you updated. Pray that it will happen, and that he will be strong.


We have a new Peruvian family here in Lima who we have grown very close to. They live in our house when we are out of town, their 17 year old son is John's language helper, their 13 year old daughter babysits sometimes and their 15 year old son is Tito.

We have been blessed to be apart of their lives for the past few months and have watched as thier family has struggled to help their son Tito get a very needed surgery to remove a tumor in is nasal cavity. After lots of prayer and help from our friends and family in the US, he is scheduled for his exam and surgery. They were going to be Thursday and Friday of this week and have been moved to Monday and Tuesday.

The entire family is amazing and love our kids so much, but Tito especially. Tito also has an amazing heart for music, and plays guitar as much as possible.

We will keep you updated, but please pray for the Exam and Surgery planned for Monday and Tuesday (July 7 and 8).

Tito's 15th birthday was Tuesday night. This is Tito with Josiah and Noah (son of some other missionary friends of ours).

Chapman kids dancing

Dancing is something that is done alot in our house. Josiah and Eliana both have unique moves of their own. It is 1min 20sec long.