The Beach

That is right, on October 8th spring has arrived and we planned a trip to the beach. We went with some new friends from the institute, (German doctors studying Spanish to move to a new German-Peruvian hospital in the jungle outside of the city of Cusco with their 5 month old boy and 3 year old girl.) The trip: Six hour bus trip (3 hours one way), 10 times of Eliana throwing up on the way there (we did drop almost 7500 feet on winding roads in three hours), 2 hours on the beach and an hour at the restaurant, 20 minutes in the water and 30 minutes cleaning up. Does that all make it sound like it wasn’t fun? We had a blast and though we wont do it again for only one day, we will definitely return to the beach.

kids in the street

Those moments in life that God gives you the glimps of your work for Him in the future - I had one. Just the other day our family was walking in the park. Heather needed to return to the house with Josiah, and Eliana wanted to walk and walk and walk. We found ourselves on a street corner of intersecting cobblestone streets (not used much because of their rough ride and because they are so narrow). There were about 6 kids playing in the street and they all ran up to Ellie and wanted to play with her. We hung out for about 20 minutes. They were amazing... kids... just like kids in Poland, Egypt, the US or anywhere else I have ever been. I told a seven year old girl I didn’t understand and she repeated herself louder and louder. Then the next time she tried to tell me something she actually leaned into my ear and yelled... i still didn’t understand her. Kids all over the world don’t comprehend how someone doesn’t speak the only language they think exists. The same girl asked if Eliana bathes because I had picked a leaf out of her hair. The oldest boy was a hoot. He would translate for the others... not into english, but into spanish I could understand. They loved the small ball I had with me and one boy was extremely sad when i was leaving... because the ball was leaving.
They said “this is where we play” every Saturday and Sunday... I told them it is Thursday...
It was an amazing time. Even now as I write I wish I could be back in that street building relationships with those kids. Letting them know they are special in the Kingdom of God and that God wants them to know him. I can’t wait to start meeting Peruvian teachers and pastors who are called to serve the children of Peru.

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