EGM Publication Focus on Peru and Chapmans

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Catching Up: Christmas & NewYears

Our Christmas season started slow and contemplative, celebrating Advent as a family every Sunday.
Then we had the pleasure of hosting our friends the Gonzalez's (missionaries we met in Colorado and who now live in Ecuador).

As per Peruvian custom, we celebrated Christmas at midnight with gifts, fireworks and Christmas dinner (3 kids and all!) with our Peruvian friends the Castros.
Christmas day we stayed home, ate Mexican food, opened gifts and then went to dinner at the Langley's house. We are so grateful for the friendships we've developed in the last 2 1/2 years in Peru!
Dress up stuff- so fun :)
Tutus from Nanny and Uncle Mark!
Josiah with his preschool class dancing "Little Angel Rock." He spent most of the time trying to get the attention of the girls on stage.
Eliana was the star of the show in her end-of-the-year performance. She loves dancing. As a baby she had excellent clapping rhythm and now we can see she's 'still got it'!
(Doesn't she look so old in this picture?)
...always the cutie.

Eliana's 5th Birthday

What could be better?
A party with friends from school at an amusement-park.
A purple polka-dotted dress from Mimi.
A Pink Princess birthday cake.
Loud music, dancing, balloons and a "show"

Nonnie & Grandpa Visit: Feb11-21

We're always so amazed and grateful when our family and friends can make it down to Lima to visit and share a part in our Peruvian lives.
Heather's parents came for a week and a half. Grandpa re-acquainted with Michaela instantly (see below!) and was there for Eliana's 5th birthday party. Then we relaxed at the beach for a few days, which pleased the soul of their california-hearted mother. ( :))