Ministry Photos

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Eliana 5th Birthday

Have you ever done anything for 8 satudays in a row?

For 8 Saturdays we had a Teacher Training. We had a group of almost 30 teachers who completed the training and are ready for the next step to become Trainers themselves. Most of the 30 were had picked and have extensive experience doing training for Sunday School Teachers. They are excited to see how god can use them in this new ministry in Peru. The Chapmans had a great time teaching, we started bringing the kids towards the end as well and gave them jobs of passing out and collecting papers, taking pictures and assisting in other ways. It was an incredible time for us to return to the world of teaching teachers and we felt the impact on teachers here in Peru. For those of you who pray for us we are grateful for your part with us in this ministry.

The teachers spent 7 weeks learning about how to make their own Sunday School lesson and then finally presented in small groups to the entire class on the final week. We had a wonderful time and loved the experience. The testimonies were amazing and the teachers truely grew in their ability and understanding of their ministry to children.

Teachers trying to write with their feet, as they are doing an activity to help them feel uncomfortable.

Teacher's acting out the application of a Bible Story for preschool ages students.

Teacher's singing a song and memorizing a verse during another lesson presentation.

Two teachers.

Heather teaching Sunday School Teachers.

Heather with two Board members. They hadn't coordinated their outfits.

Teachers working in small groups discussing as they learned and processed the new ideas and information.

We believe will one day impact thousands upon thousands

Is it strange to feel like one room is SOOO significant. This room (photoed above) is a very significant room for me. It started back in December of 2006. Heather and I with Josiah 3 months old (Eliana stayed in CA with family), and Ryan and Kelly Callaghan were visiting Peru for the first time, to get a feel for the need of a ministry like EGM. Our first Children's Ministry that we ever visited was right here in this room.

On returning to Lima in 2008 we began to attend this church.

In May of 2009 we had our first EGM work with teachers right here in this room. Where 100 Children's Ministry Workers from different churches and denominations came together to hear about the work of EGM.

In August of 2009. Nancy Matossian and Kathleen Chapman (my sister and mom) came to speak at this church, in this room (and other rooms) to 600 Children's Ministry Workers. And I taught to another group of teachers, in Spanish.

And after many meetings and conversations with a small group of key Christian Leaders, on MARCH 15, 2010. A group joined together (planned for another room, but they were cleaning it that day) to meet. We met in the only room available, a room that could seat 250 people, but we set up a table, a white board, and 8 chairs to start a ministry that we believe will one day impact thousands upon thousands of Children's Ministry workers in Peru.

I also have the privilege (when time allows) to go and volunteer in this Children's Ministry. On a Sunday morning I see 15+ Children's Workers give some of their lives to share the love of Jesus with a group of 75+ children. It is a blessing to just be in their presence.