Kid Pics

Michaela - 5 months

Lima Conference May 16, 2009

Well. It happend. It was incredible. We had 95 teachers, we had two very powerful Peruvian leaders step up and present the core of EGM. We had an incredible committee who worked very hard to have everything come together. We had 16 student leaders show up to volunteer. Here are some photos...

Michaela went with us, can you find her in this photo?

Michaela was loved by all.

95 teachers... running to find their partner... lets just say they had an amazing time!

Wandering around church campus in partners, one blind, one could see.

Yes, 95 people running from the back of the room in Red Light, Green light!

14 of the 16 student leadership team at the church who served all day!

Banners on the wall of our Model Teacher philosophy pictures.

Charo - is our first children's worker contact in Peru from 2006! The conference was at her church and the Student Volunteers are her leadership team!

The Students lead a song to demonstrate how Kids can lead and participate!

Thank you EVERYONE who joined us in prayer before and during this conference. It was a day that glorified God and was just another reminder of the realization of God's call on our lives to serve His children and His churches.

Quick shot of mothers day

So Saturday, the day before mother's day, Josiah and Eliana's pre-school had a performance for all the moms. John had to run back to the house for the camera and missed Josiah's song. Josiah is at school two days a week, and when performing with his class became quite upset, but continued the motions. Our friends caught this with their camera...


Today I went to get Michaela immunizations.
I paid at the cashier, put my name on the list and entered the waiting room full of kids and parents. After an hour the doctor hadn't shown up and I was an hour further down on the list. So after asking around I waited outside the Immunization office until it opened (30 more minutes). I was told that Emergency room pediatrician would agree to see us. Again to the cashier. Finally an appointment with a doctor. A prescription for vaccinations. To the pharmacy. Where I was $10 short for the $70 vaccine. Back home 3 hours later with no immunizations and a tired baby.