"Yes! Jesus loves me, though it makes me very sad"

Yes, that is what is coming from the mouth our two year old. She sings the chorus over and over and always ends with "it makes me very sad" (confusing lines in the song that don't go together). Truthfully she doesn't exactly know what she is saying. Hey that sounds like me sometimes, not exactly knowing what I am saying. Well, we ARE singing the song around her more and more to attempt to instill the correct words. This is the life of the Chapmans. Trying to change the way we speak to make it sound right to everyone else... and understand it ourselves.

Well life is your typical two child under the age of three family. Plenty of daipers, crying, abrupt moments in the night to wake and care for a crying children. Two kids sleeping in the same room doesn't help the hour we arise in the morning, generally between 5-6am. There are the unexplainable joys as well. Josiah loves to play with his sister and Eliana loves to play with his brother. They laugh at each other, push each other in the toy stroller (see videos in November) and push and hit each other. Ellie loves music and can be found dancing to Jana Alyra or ANY other music she hears. Oh and Josiah is seen pulling up on anything and clapping at any song, laugh, or noise he heres that isn't talking.

God is good and life is grand. Challenges abound with children, life, food, talking, and school, but we are blessed. We have people beating down my door for new Blog posts because people like you care about the lives of the Chapmans and are praying for us. We can feel the prayers like you don't understand. Our lives of full of joys. Our major concerns are "how to learn the language faster?" "how to love our kids and spouse more?" and "how do you adjust to a new culture and country?". God is absolutely in this time and place and we could not be more grateful for who He is in our life. Thank you for reading and being interested in this great adventure. We couldn't and wouldn't be here without those of you who are faithfully praying and supporting us.


November Kid Videos

New November Videos for Eliana

New November Videos for Josiah


We love airline miles! John's dad and brother were able to come visit us for a week. It was amazing. Having them here made our lives feel so much more real! (No one invites their family to come see where they're taking vacation.) The kids loved having time with Papa and Tio (as he has requested to be called). After showing them around Arequipa we went to Puno and Lake Titicaca! It was breathtaking. We took a few tours and passed the time enjoying each other's company.

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a long weekend

Last weekend was a long one, full of cultural activities for the entire family.
OCT 31 - The kids go to a Christian Preschool and they asked the kids to dress up like one of God's creation. With our ingenuity we came up with a very fast frog and very excited roaring lion!
ALL SAINTS DAY - Our language institute took us on a guided tour of cemeteries, teaching us about the origins, meanings and cultural practices of this catholic holiday.
VISITORS - Friends of a friend are traveling the world for a year (!!!) and crashed at our place for the weekend. We LOVED getting to know them and discovered we ran in very similar circles in California.
FIESTA FAMILIAR - Schools here have these fund-raiser/parties every year and they are VERY elaborate! The kids "performed", there were hired entertainers, traditional peruvian food, trampolines, the works! We were exhausted by the end of the day.

And all this in one weekend!
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