Know anyone coming to Peru?

We got a call Wednesday that John's brother had a friend who was coming to peru and offered to bring us something. We were bold enough to ask if he had enough space for an entire bag... HE DID. Mike was coming for a surf trip and he said he would be willing to bring a bag (that we were going to pay for, it is cheaper to bring an extra 50lb bag on a plane then ship it). Well John met him at the airport (just over 24 hours after we heard of the possibility of the bag) and picked up the bag full of Josiah Birthday presents, baby girl clothes (that were Eliana's!) and a few other things that are hard to get here in Peru. We want thank Mark (john's brother) for the connection, Mike for bringing the bag (which didn't end up costing anything extra), and the rest of our family in the US for scrambling to gather the stuff for the bag.

If you know anyone coming to Peru, We have a list of things we are trying to get here for the Baby and for a few comforts from the US. Contact us, it would be a blessing.

Eliana and School

This is Josiah and Eliana holding hands with Dada.
Eliana is becoming quite an artist at 3. Her first picture of a person was brought home from school on her father's day card, where she drew dad and her. It has come a long way!

First School project!
We did our first Science project at home. (Peruvian preschool is highly academic.) It was stated that it was the child's project, but could the parents help A LOT. So we helped more then we normally do, but I would bet only a portion as much as the other parents. This is the solar system.

Saw our First Rural Sunday School Classroom

We saw the inside of our first Rural Sunday School Classroom. Talk about making due with what they have!
We were actually on Vacation with Heather's parents. We visited Cusco (Former capital of the Incan empire) and some of the surrounding areas. We have some dear German friends from our time at language school, who are doctors at a German Missionary Hospital in a remote part of the country, 2.5 hours from Cusco by taxi. We visited this area for a couple days getting to see a very impressive hospital and spending some precious time with our friends.

The hospital is incredibly impressive, with a walk-in clinic that has probably 100 patients a day who have to pay $1 for a consult (sometimes they can't afford this and they are seen for free).

Heather's parents and we were moved by the work being done.
Little do our German friends know, but i was equally moved when i saw their garage. Their garage? you say. Yes. It was empty, except two small benches and a clipboard on the wall with a picture of David from the Bible. Well, the walls had been painted by kids. It was a Sunday school class. You see the church they started attending, that is across the street, has one classroom for 7 - 10 year olds during service, the 3-6 year olds were left out front of the church to play and be watched by a volunteer. Our German friends offered their garage for a place for the 3-6 year old kids to be and they initiated lessons for them. Our German friends have many more resourses for creating lessons including internet, a printer, and knowledge of German and English to find resources.
We are overwhelmed with the passion to help Sunday School teachers like this all over Peru. God has blessed us to be here.