Grandma Myrtle Karlson

Grandma Myrtle went to be with our Lord March 31, 2008

Pray for Heather's family as they grieve this loss and celebrate her 97 years.

Easter with Family

We are here and have had some great meetings with people to share about what is going on with us in Peru!
We also had some family gatherings on Easter.

Easter at the Chapmans

Eliana holding 5 month old cousin Dax Sather for the first time.

John holding 9 week old Madeline Chapman for the fist time.

Oh... Josiah started walking our first Saturday here, with both sets of grandparents present! Video to follow... some day soon!

Coming to Los Estados Unidos

That is right we are coming! We have an open house on April 11th. Email us if you want information about it at mail@ - then put our website address johnandheather then .com. (Sorry, I cant type in the email address or I will get millions of spam emails! You get the idea.)

We will be meeting with as many of you as possible from March 30- April 17. Contact us if you want to see us! We want to see you!

We will be traveling March 22nd, spend the first week in the EGM office and the next three weeks with all of you! We look forward to it.

Eliana's first day of school! She LOVES it! We got the jumbo shorts altered, now they fit.

Josiah playing on the toys at Eliana's new school!
(Yellow canopy made the kids yellow in the photos.)

We have a place in Lima!

After almost three weeks we found a place to live. We have probably visited 20+ places and made over 50 phone calls. There are not many rentals on the market right now and a lot of people who want them. We found a very nice one story house (very uncommon), Most of the buildings are a minimum of two stories high.

We have some friends we made December 2006 who live close and dropped everything to come and check the place out. They gave us great confidence to move forward with it.

It has lots of light and is near a park, it even has a small room for an office. We are blessed to have such a wonderful place for the family. Here are some photos!

Yellow house on the left.


Eliana in the hall

Thanks for praying. We are blessed!

First two weeks in Lima

We are here. We have been diligently looking for a place to live. Walking and riding taxis for hours, looking at communities and looking for rental signs.

We stop at Parks, have visited some Peruvian friends who is the children's director at a local church, we met her in December of 2006 on our first trip and she has been very willing to help are transition. Pray as we continue to look for where God will have us live, it is quite an adventure.