AT 12,500 feet

Huancavelica Peru was our newest ministry stop. After the 11 hour overnight bus trip and trying to get used to the altitude change, I was able to share on Christian local Radio to announce the meeting, attend the Pentecostal pastor meeting to invite them to the meeting, share at a leader meeting on Friday and a Teacher meeting on Saturday. The response was amazing. They are very anxious to start working with us in the ministry and are hungry to have the resources to minister to the children of their church and community.
The poorest region in Peru, the capitol of the city is surrounded by incredible mountains.

Alpaca is there number one income.

Clyde took me on a driving tour to a Veiw point (almost 14,000 feet) of the City and to the only tourist attraction, an old Mercury mine, that thousands of Peruvians died in, while mining under Spanish rule.

My contacts in Huancavelica, who set up the entire thing. Dr. Robert and Vilma

Me leading the teachers in a game. Is it hard to see that I am significantly taller then most?

Daisy and Jose brought their 6 month old girl to both meetings. She was wrapped in 12 layers of clothes, because it was so cold... no heating.

I taught with a translator. This helps me primarily communicate the HEART side of my work. My strength is not teaching, it is my passion for helping children and Churches.

here today gone tonight

We got back Monday morning and John leaves tonight, Wednesday, for another 4 day trip with a 10 hour overnight bus ride each way. Pray for John as he is traveling and sharing the ministry alone. There is a Christian leader meeting on Friday and Short teacher conference on Saturday. Pray for his communication and that his heart can been seen for the kids of Peru.

Ayacucho- 4 days

10 hour overnight bus ride, four of five of us where sick in bags.

A beutiful city

Kids everywhere

Teacher conference and Christian Leader meeting

Sunday School Classes

New Friends

Michaela Pics - MORE!

12 weeks

10 weeks

9 weeks


One of our hopes for our family in living in Peru is that we gain a different perspective on wealth, need and plenty. Last Saturday John and Eliana had the opportunity to go with our friend to visit some acquaintances she had made. They took the bus as far as it would take them, then walked over sand dunes to a small cluster of 5 by 5 foot shacks. They had no electricity and no water (and no water-holding tanks). There, Eliana gave three little kids some toys that she had selected for them from her own room. That afternoon they came home and washed off the dust in a warm shower while the family they had visited cooked a soup over an open flame in the dirt. In many ways, true gratitude is only possible with the right perspective.

Michaela Pics

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Two weeks

Four weeks

Four weeks

The true Go-Anywhere kid: getting her diaper changed at an Incan Ruin overlooking Lima.

Six weeks
Six weeks