Summer Time - Ministry

We are in an incredible place in the ministry. We are in the middle of an Orientation Plan for the Board of Directors that we have designed and are implementing. We have small group meetings planned for the coming weeks, including a trip to Huancavelica - to meet and visit with the representative from there.

To say everything is going as planned, is not the case, but we are confident that God is at work. Our Board Candidates are committed and showing that by their significant work to fill the first 8 week Teacher Training Course starting February 1st, that they are ready to start this ministry.

The Huge need for teachers exists all over the world. There are people with a heart to share the love of Jesus with children and disciple them, but they don't have what they need to do it. We are here to help them, and it is happening in Peru.

Pastor Juan Jose. A member of the Board of Directors for EGM-Peru. Is a pastor from Huancavelica Peru. The poorest region in Peru. He has an incredible story of coming from a Christian family, turning away from the Church and returning. He has 7 children who are grown and knows the need for a equipped children's ministry. We are blessed to have him on the Board and get to visit him this coming week.

Summer time - Family

Yes it is summer time in Peru. Thought the sun is not showing its face every day. It is said that it is a "EL NiƱo" year, which occurs about every 7 years and keeps the sun at bay for most of the summer.

Swim Lessons
The kids have swim lessons twice a week. Photoed are Josiah with Heather in the water, but just yesterday Josiah moved up and class and Heather did not get it with him! Next week Michaela might be going to the baby class with Heather!

Josiah and Elian also have gymnastics three mornings a week. They are having a great time, and it is good to have them both develop their physical coordination a little more.

We got away for a couple days with some friends in early January and we are looking forward to the visit from Nonnie and Grandpa (Heather's parents) for Eliana's 5th birthday (not really, but that is the day they arrive).

Michaela (Mica) is growing. Still not walking, but we think she is waiting until February when Nonnie and Grandpa are here. Though she still appears to have NO hair (from the front) she has been know to actually have "messed up" hair at times. And it is coming in blonde like here moms.

This picture is not only cute, but added to show a little hair!