Trip to Ecuador

Some of you heard we went to Quito, Ecuador. We needed to leave the country to get the Visa's of the kids. So we thought we would visit our friends in Quito. After all the work to plan the trip, the visas weren't ready. So we went on the trip (tickets were so cheap they couldn't be changed).

We had a VERY relaxing and fun time. This is the Gonzales family, Benny, Patty, Ashley and Trinity. We met them in Colorado at our missionary training. It was so fun, and we were all loved on, especially the kids. Josiah learned how to bark like a dog while we were there. He barks everytime he sees a dog now.

Heather and I visited the "Center of the World"

We stopped by a park on our layover in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Yes it is a Iguana park with them wondering all over. We just observed, there was no touching by the chapmans.

Father's Day - Father of THREE!

This Father's Day John is a father of three! This week we had the chance to catch a few peeks of the new little one, who is 12 weeks and due on December 20.

Since John's favorite thing in the world is a hearty breakfast (picked up by his own Dad,) we treated John to a restaurant breakfast of Eggs Benedict, coffee and waffles at an awesome place by the beach.

Afterwards the kids played together at a nearby park so happily and peacefully as John and I sat back and took stock of our great family and remembered how great it is to be a parent!

Father's Day Highlight:
At breakfast I interviewed Eliana (3 1/2). Here are some of her responses.
What are you really, really good at?
- Painting
What is Daddy really, really good at?
- Holding me
How tall is Daddy?
- (Excitedly) As BIG as those things!!!! (umbrellas above us. John stood and she was exactly right.)
What did Daddy like to do before he was a Daddy?
- He just waited for God to make me. (Very true, we both thought.)

Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday my new friend Emico invited us to the zoo. Her son Jesus is in Ellie's class and they are becoming great friends. The zoo is beautiful, arranged by the three regions of Peru: mountains, jungle and coast (plus an international section) and showed vegetation and animal life from each region. Because the conditions are poor it makes for an experience both sad and incredible because you are very close to the animals.

I was physically awed by the panthers - how regal, beautiful and powerful they were, just 20 feet away.

After taking this picture, this lion got up and roared at me (startled by the flash, maybe?) John and I jumped back and Josiah cried. Who wouldn't, given how close we were? (See next picture)

Turtles "just like Mimi's!"

Sleepy Bears
Peruvian leopards. They had three or four different species!