A first...

Charo teaching teachers

Last Sunday afternoon marked an amazing first for the ministry here in PerĂº. The first workshop taught entirely by trained volunteer Peruvians. After attending an 8 week course in Feb and March of this year, we extended an invitation to 4 people who truly showed an understanding of the philosophy and a desire to volunteer with the ministry in the future to help Sunday School teachers in Peru. One of our Board member, Charo who also attended the training, decided to use the Model Teacher material with her teachers at church. She is hosting a 5 week course for her teachers and asked us to participate. Two of the five weeks are over, and Heather and I are done. I presented a little on the fist Sunday training, and the second training was done entirely by Peruvians. Daniel Leon, a pastor, experienced children's worker, and overflowing passion for children and their importance, jumped at the chance to lead the group through the first half of the Seminar. Charo took over for the second half and finished off the evening. Heather was sitting blessed and amazed as she saw the Peruvians lead in the ministry.

Below is Pastor Daniel Leon

Mother's Day photos

At the kids school they put on a large mother's day show each year. These are the kids performing in their numbers. Jail house rock, Sandy from Greece, and Mambo!

Mother's Day Videos