Eliana asks for help?

Yesterday Eliana (6 years old) came to me with white copy paper cut into 4x5inch squares. She announced she was going to "Help the Ministry!". She then asked for the ministry stamps (that we had used for the recent conference in Peru). She took the two stamps with the ink pad and stamped all 25 of her papers. Then wrote the message at the top (photoed below). She came to me and said she was going to sell these to raise money for the ministry.

Nos ayudas con el ministerio? means "Help us with the ministry?"

Is it that simple? Has the passion and devotion that we have for the ministry seeped into my 6 year old? I can only pray that Eliana feels as much a part of the ministry in Peru as I do. I desire that she knows that the unknown sacrifices that she is making are for the ministry of helping the children in Peru learn about Jesus Christ.

Her message is my message. If you have been on the edge of thinking that you want to join us in helping children in Peru, Chile, Argentina and other South American Countries learn about the amazing love of Jesus Christ, I leave you with this question:



Jill Casserly said...

SO cute. Yay for Eliana's passion to help el ministerio MCGP!!