Josiah's Birthday!

Josiah is 5. 5 is our BIG Party year. Here are some highlights!

The family together on his special day!

A friend of ours does the "show" for children's parties. She was awesome, including the first song was a kids praise song.

Josiah Ready to blow them out. Loving the attention with us all singing to him!

Singing songs!

Trey was the special guest from the US!

It was clear Josiah had a great time!

With a few of some GREAT friends!

Ready for the party to begin!

Cake made by mom!

Four of his best friends from School. (Rodrigo is missing)


Jill Casserly said...

I'm glad that Josiah's 5th birthday turned out so well. I wasn't sure it would be such a hit since he had so many things he was anticipating but from the pics it looks like he really did have an awesome 5th bday!