Grateful for friends

I was flipping through our photos of the last month and very grateful for friends. I thought I would share some highlights!

Tito and Elsa (2 of Robi and Elita's kids) with the kids on a little field trip we had.

Our best Peruvian friends: Robi and Elita with Eliana
Elsa with Josiah!
Elsa with Michaela!

Jimmy (Robi and Elita's third) with Michaela!
Harvik (Robi's cousin) with Michaela
With Josiah
Josiah and Marco's Friend (That is all i could get out of Josiah. This guy and Marco's go to school together, but Josiah can't remember his name right now)
Elsa on her 15th Birthday with all the kids.

Michaela with Manuel- the neighbor boy.
Isa- with Michaela (Isa and Tali are the kids to Brian and Rachel)
Naomi and Leah with Michaela- German friends we don't get to see enough.
Jacob and Naomi with Josiah.
with Eliana.
Brian and Josiah.
Josiah's B-day with Tito, Elita and Moma
Josiah and Tali!
Elita's mom and .... yes... Michaela taking a nap.

Had to get this in. Had Pet day at school. We brought in Max, he obeyed great and Eliana and Josiah loved the visit. Also- Max is an important friend!

Amazing things

We are in an incredible place that we can't wait to see what is going to happne next. We have been given permission to move forward with the next step of EGM-Peru. In the coming weeks we are meeting with church leaders and officially inviting them to be the Board of the new Peruvian ministry here in Peru. We can't express our excitement that we are expierencing in the ministry.

Pray with us as we meet in the coming weeks with Christian leaders, that we communicate clearly and that they discern the calling to a part of the ministry.

Pray for the coming Board Orientation, in the coming months. That we can prepare properly and God will prepare the hearts of the Board to be open to the new ways of thinking and doing ministry.

Thank you for bering on this journey with us!

Oh Peruvian things...

So I was reading a Popular Mechanics Magazine. My parents pass along magazines, because some times it is just nice to read something out of a magazine and they are a little difficult to get here in Peru. I tend to return to the same magazine a number of times to see if there was something I missed or forgot that I had read, and want to read again. So I opened this December 2008 issue of Popular Mechanics probably for the tenth time to the article on Recycling and as i glanced at the large pile of Plastic bottles ready to be recycled i was shocked to discover a plastic bottle of INCA KOLA. Now Inka Kola is the national drink of Peru and I have found it in the US in the rare small Latin Food store, but never did i imagine that there would be a bottle visible out of hundreds of bottles... and that it would be at the top of the pile. Then to my GREAT suprise, on further review, i noticed not only one, but four Inca Kola bottles. Well for all those out there who have just a little love for Peru it is a great day that Peru's reach has entered the world of US recycling at such an incredible rate. I suppose it is probably a fluke, but the odds that four plastic bottles (that are only distributed in the US in this type of bottle) of Inca Kola are at the top of the pile shows something.

My discovery today...
popular mechanics december 2008 Pictures, Images and Photos

Josiah is three...

Josiah turned three on September 2nd! We are blessed to have him in our life and he brings Joy and laughter to our family!

His New scooter and outfit!

Friends Elita and Son Tito came by to have cake!

This is the group that we sang with! Mom is taking the picture.

Blowing out the candle with the help of Big sister.

Michaela getting some love from Tito!

The Kids went to Coney Park - a place with rides for younger kids. They had a couple hours of running ride to ride. Josiah went on the roller coaster for the first time!

Josiah got a soccer ball! - The yellow sticker on his forehead was from school, yes he had lunch, slept, went to Coney Park, dinner, gifts and cake, without taking it off.