Mimi and Papa came to visit

I went to the airport to get my parents with Michaela (1 month old) !

Mimi got right in on the new trampoline that Mimi and Papa, Nonnie and Grandpa and others gave to the kids for Christmas!

Mimi and Papa in the Lima Plaza

Quite an adventures group.

Mimi got tired pretty fast.

We went to this really cool fountain park in Lima!

We went to the Beach - San Bartolo - for two days.

Our Peruvian friends came over to play music for my parents.

We got to show my parents the church we go to and they invited her to come and teach at a conference for children's workers... am i suprised??? no!

The claw... this actually cuased my smiles!

OH! did they have some fun!

We stopped by real quick Brian and Rachel's house (some missionary friends in Peru) to show our parents that we actually do know some North Americans in Peru!

It was a great time to be with family. Mom had a hard time with the driving in Lima, she thought we were near death most of the time that we were in the taxi, van or bus.

Thanks mom and dad for making it so wonderful to share a little of our life here with you!

Kid update

Yes there are three so read all three updates...

First, mourn with us, John dropped the External Harddrive and lost all pictures of the family for the last 6 months... luckily we had just made a CD of Carols trip, therefor we have the first two weeks of Michaela's life, just not the birth.

Kid 3 - i start here (being the third, i was always talked about last :) )
Michaela- is beutiful. She doesn't sleep as well as the first two. She isn't sleeping more then three hours at night, but she is sleeping 3 hours most of the time, so we are grateful. She is sleeping and eating most of the time. She is loved by here brother and sister.

Kid 1 - lets do this out of order!
Eliana is on summer break. At three she is going to school every day during the school year, which fills all her social needs. She is needing more social time with others, which is something we need to focus on during SUMMER.

Kid 2- The BOY. He is the real reason i wanted to write. At 2years 3 months he is starting to talk more every day. some of his words: ShuShu -excuse me, Fup-Jump (new trampoline for Christmas), Whow - Dog, One Dos - One Two... get it Dos is spanish. Dos is also... 3, 4, 5, and so on. Oh and he prays... mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble, mumble - for minute, then AMEN! And other phrases... Dadda Fup! Sisto no Fup! ShuShu Whow! Shushu, shushu!

Carol's Visit

Not every mom has the blessing of having their mom visit after the birth of a child, and I had her visit even though we're a continent apart! Thanks, Mom.