Summer Ministry at a Glance 2011

The ministry of EGM-Peru is moving forward with the greatest answer to prayer then we could have ever asked for. The ministry is depending on its own leadership to lead the ministry. The attitude is that this is their ministry given to them by God and that Heather and I and EGM in the US is here to help them. This was our number one goal when we moved to Peru. That a group of Peruvian leaders would catch the vision the help every church in Peru with their ministry to children and figure out how to do that.

Board meetings:
There have been 4 board gatherings already this year. Heather is serving on the Board and loving it.

Church Visit-
The highlight of our ministry is seeing teachers in action. These two teachers had attended a EGM training and were implementing the new ideas in their class. I was able to talk with them for 40 minutes after class. Encouraging them in their attempts to make the Bible come alive to children in their every day life. They talked about one of the first stories in the Bible when Daniel decided not to eat the food of the kings table but of the Food that God had told them to eat. The conversation with 10-13 year olds turned to peer presure and the things that God tells us not to do and how can we not listen to the same music as our friends or not watch Terror movies....
It was amazing to see how God's word has something to do with thier lives today.

Volunteer Training:
The Board got together to take the lead in taking 5 attendees of trainings on the journey to be the first 5 volunteers with EGM-Peru. EGM-Peru's vision is to make their impact in the country through volunteers like this. We were excited to host them at our house.

Some faces you might recognize. Pastor Daniel is the first in the row, I have visited his church.
The third from the left is Lisset, again there is a previous blog about her church visit. 4th from the left is the director of the Sunday school of the teachers from the Church visit above. 5th from the left is Arlette- sweatest lady ever, directs her kids in an underground Garage on Sundays.
Then you have the Board with Charo, Heather, John, Christina, Marcos, and Samuel.

Camp was fun for the family but also amazing for the ministry. We saw two board members lead the EGM model in a camp setting.

I, John, was invited up to share about how God calls us to serve from a young age and we can answer that call. We have to be ready to go wherever HE leads us.

Trainings are happening and being planned. We are excited to have Board members who not only lead the ministry but are skilled at leading the material with teachers as well.

Summer in Lima Peru 2010

I can't believe it has been since December 17th that we have written on our blog. I am sorry. We have had a very busy summer, yes summer. Three kids at home and all the activities associated with that. We have had some visitors come through town, had the chance to spend a week "house sitting" in Lima with some other friends that we took as a Staycation. It was a nice relaxing week. Gymnastics, a wedding, and camp. Here are some photos

Kids in Summer Clothes!


We were invited to visit a childrens camp for two days. Eliana and Josiah made friends and joined the red team. They had their "best friends" and talk about missing them ever since. Ian connected with Josiah and cared for him like a little brother. Yoshia (female of Josiah?) was Eliana's friend.

The 2 hours each day in the Pool was the highlight. Josiah being cared for by Ian, Mica wanting to kick, kick kick. After all the kids left Eliana almost swam the width of the pool with no help.

The Wedding. Yes Tali and Josiah are officially married, by the older sister Isa.
They dressed up, were not allowed to see each other before. "Hugged" the bride and then found a baby with a stroller and pushed it around. Clearly marriage causes a baby in their world, we will leave it at that.

Eliana had her fist day of First Grade at a new school. It is amazing to send her off each morning in the "Bus" a mom who goes around and picks up a handful of kids on her way to school.

First day of School for Josiah, here photoed with Tali our upstairs neighbor. Josiah is in the 4 year old class this year and he loves his school. He likes his friends and teachers and speaks all day in Spanish with no complaining.

This past weekend was not only a highlight of our time this summer, but a highlight of our life in Peru. Dear friends David and Dorthy with their three children Ana, Constentine and Salomae visited. We met them in Language school and manage to see each other about twice a year. They are German Doctor missionaries from a hospital just outside Cusco. The kids play in spanish, we parents use english.

Final days of summer are upon us. Kids are at school, sun is diminishing and time outside with no shoes and playing in the water will soon come to an end. We are blessed by our life God has given us in Lima, Peru.