Josiah's growing up

Two months ago Josiah took steps that would finally convert him into a walker. Since then he's started signing some baby signs, consistently communicating yes and no and the words that he knows, and this morning said, "Apple, More" and then smiled his, "Im so proud of myself" smile. He is thriving on the stability we've had, finally being in our own home with a regular schedule with no major travel plans. Its so fun to get to know more of this joyful little toddler!

- In his house that he loves. Made just for him out of a box by his Daddy.

- You know you hand-mop the floor a lot when your 1 1/2 year old does it too!

- All he wants to do is read (point to objects and have us name them)

Mother's Day

Eliana and Heather had a special event on Saturday morning at Eliana's preschool, complete with a performance and gifts just for Mom.

Eliana now has Ballet class on Tuesdays at her school. They performed for the mother's day party.

Eliana presented a load of gifts to her mom at the party, all made in class (admittedly mostly by her teachers!).

Eliana's friend Jesus lives a block from our house, we see him a lot and Eliana always wants to hold his hand.

Longer Version of trip to the US

March 23 - April 23 we were in the US.

What a trip! We were so grateful to meet with many of you and are sorry to those we didn't connect with. It was a very busy and rewarding time.
- We stayed in 5 different houses, had 7 different moves, borrowed 6 different cars and used 9 different carseats.
- We had Easter with family.
- We spent a week with the EGM US staff in the office having meetings, meals and great conversations with different staff members, living with our great friends Baley and Pedro.
- We had a week of living at the Matossians (john's sister). We had five kids in carseats and still managed to meet with some of you too!
- We had an open house, and we were blessed to see many of you. We had Peruvian Empanandas, Chicha (Peruvian purple corn drink), ceviche and Inka Cola (Peruvian soda).
- We brought 1.5 bags of stuff to the US from Peru and returned with 6 bags full to the brim. We bought shoes for John (hard to find in Peru), received kid hand-me-downs from friends, brought down winter clothes, and who knows what else..

- Here's some more pictures:

Cousins had a blast together.

One group of the six groups of kids we got to share with at Coast Hills Church.

One of my (John's) most memorable moments, hanging with former children's ministry kids from Mountain View church who are now teenagers!... they were teaching me the language of texting.

Hanging with the McBee's

Stumbled upon some traditional music