Ministry is HOPPING!

After a lot of encouragement we decided to move forward with a Lima Conference. May 16 is the date and then we needed to invite people. It has opened AMAZING meetings and we are moving forward quickly to make some incredible conections with churches. We have had the honor of presenting the ministry and and invitaiton to the conference to: Pentecostal Evangelical Church of Jesus Christ of Peru, Asemblies of God of Peru, Presbiterian church of Peru, and today the Pentecostal Evenagelical Church of Peru. We have also been able to have contact wth: Christan Missionary Aliance Church of Peru, World Missionary Movement, Evangelical Church of Peru, Faith Cathedral, Salvation Army and SO many others. God is moving and inspiring us with every meeting, as the ministry is being recieved with HUGE open arms. Continue to pray with us as we reach out to other denominations across peru.

Michaela - 4 months

Easter Eggs!

It's never too late for an Easter egg hunt! Yesterday we had a week-late egg-dying and hunt with our friends the Langleys. What fun!

Easter Sunday


It's obvious moving to Latin America that a North American will encounter conflicts with Tasks v. Relationships and the way we view Time. Most of the time I can change my perspective and approach the situation Peruvian-style. Today was not one of those times.

We're in the middle of planning a conference for children's ministry leaders and have spent the week delivering packets of invitations for our key contacts to distribute. I felt worn out and really in need of a Saturday. And although meeting with these key contacts was the highlight of my work-week, I was disappointed that one of them would be "stopping by" on Saturday.

Expected to be here at 10am, I wasn't surprised when he rang the bell at 12:45. We had had a lively morning: the house was obviously less-than-perfect, cooking and left-overs all over the kitchen, the kids were in their underwear just out of the bath and sitting with lunch on the table, Michaela was ready to nurse and quite tired, and we were in the middle of plans for the afternoon.

So I muster my relational energy to speak professionally in Spanish with household chaos going on and find (once again not to my surprise) that the "stopping by" to pick up some things in fact would turn into an hour long visit (really, a 3 hour long visit that was cut to an hour due to all of the above!). For every sentence out of his mouth there were three tasks that I had been interrupted from, screaming for my attention. By the time the meeting had ended I was completely exasperated.

I know that in Peru, the fact that you came is more important than what time you came.
I know that our key contacts are involved with our ministry on a volunteer basis, using their free time on Saturdays to serve with us.
I know that spending time with people shows that you value them.

But my internal mechanisms still fight against these cultural norms.
I want appointments that are on-time and efficiently brief.
I want a clear division between work life and personal life, for each to be protected from the other.
My drive is to accomplish tasks and be productive.

Although nothing was abnormal about today, some days I just fail to be as "Peruvian" as I need to be. Days like today I feel like a fish out of water.

Easter Weekend

Where to start. With two days off in Peru we had a four day weekend. We went on a bus ride to a small beach city where some friends of ours are serving as missionaries.

Starting with 4 hour bus ride each way.

The beach was fun for all.

Tim, our friend, was in the kitchen a lot of the time and it was appreciated. We had incredibly planned and executed meals that we didn't know could be done in Peru.

Hannah, our other friend, and a shot of one of the few times we actually helped in the kitchen. :)

The beaches were beautiful. When the tide is high, this is an island. Tim, two of the kids, the dogs, and John walked around it, while Hannah and Heather sat with Michaela in the sand.

The kids loved playing with Tim.

Walking is how we traveled in town. Small town, not really too much walking.

Michaela getting some time being loved.

Josiah playing on the beach, his molers are coming in, this was one of the few times he was really happy.

The dogs of Tim and Hannah are a hoot. Taza (the white toy poodle at 10lbs) loves playing with Ellie the 160lb. that is right, 160lb. Mastiff.

Tim (with moral support from John) got this rat in the kitchen, we guessed 14inches with tail... I posted it Hannah!

Ellie the dog and Michaela the 3 1/2 month old, had some play time.
A little twister, with a 160lb dog?

This baby was born the same day as Michaela... you wonder why the Peruvians call our daughter- "Peeled" - it is endearing...

Most of the time was hanging at the house relaxing, with great food and even better company. Thanks Tim and Hannah!

Kid Videos

For you, Mimi and Papa and Nonnie and Grandpa!

Michaela's 3 month old noises.

Josiah is more expressive every day. Here are a couple examples of his stories.

Michaela - 3 months


Josiah has started preschool 1-2 days a week and LOVES IT! ..wants to go every day.

Potty-Trained! Loves his Elmo underwear (Thank you, EGM staff!)

Loves "Biki" (Baby Mica), and struggles not to love her too roughly!

Is always a bit dramatic.