Sather Visit

Two weeks with my sister Jen, her husband Matt, and their sons Trey and Dax!!!!

The chief purpose of their visit: meeting Michaela!

We were quite a sight all of us with 5 little white kids (3 red-heads). At this point we drew a crowd so big we could hardly get out!

We rented a beach house for a week!

Our friends Robin and Elita came with their daughter Elsa.

At the beach Eliana turned 4 and Trey turned 3!
Michaela's first dip in a chilly pool left her crying...


Eliana turned four last week and I can say with one week of experience that four year olds are very creative. In one day:
  • She got her own breakfast: a bowl of mayonnaise, which she was eating with one finger.
  • She found mom's (off-limits) nail polish and was giving herself a manicure when caught red-handed (literally).
  • She taught her brother how to pretend that the PlayDough was an ice cream cone - (he missed the 'pretend' part).
  • She discovered a new way of sitting/standing to use the toilet which left the bathroom quite wet.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring!

Ministry Connections

Since the beginning we have witnessed first hand the reality that in Latin America, everything happens through organic networks and relational connections – relying on superficial structures to make contacts will get you to the right person but without the desired effect.

Since our first trip to Peru God has literally dropped us out of the sky into exactly the place where we could connect with strategic leaders. The connections we made on that trip are now rich and meaningful, the fruit of which has been further contacts that, because of who we are, are immediately sold-out to the ministry.

One example is Roberth Chuquimbalqui. Our good friends, the Castros, for months wanted to introduce us to him, their cousin. He is a regional director for World Vision and has worked for children with churches in several rural areas of the country for 20 years. Upon hearing about EGM, he was immediately supportive. He said, “I love and trust the Castros, and from what they have said about EGM, I am at your disposal.” He is now planning to travel with us to two locations, introducing us to key contacts “because of our mutual interest in children and calling in the kingdom of God.”

No explanations or 20 Questions were necessary. In Peru when someone you love connects you to someone they love, the connection is automatic.